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Elephants and Jellyfish – Could you shape the design of the UK’s Smart Water Metering App?

4th March 2023 11:00-14:00

The Design Chapel, Cemetery Road, Southampton

Register here to join the Ideation Team:

For all the environmental and societal benefit Smart Water Metering brings, the elephant-in-the-room is, few folk seem that desperate for it. Unsurprising, as Smart Energy hasn’t been a massive hit with the public, water is very cheap and there’s a cognitive dissonance between over-abstraction of water and its effect on the environment.

We’re (B4T) an Eastleigh-based tech company operating from the Internet-of-things movement and over the last few years have delivered “Jellyfish,” a unique up-cycler of existing water meters into smart ones which we’ve deployed locally with Southern Water and Portsmouth Water. The missing piece of the puzzle has been the end-customer interaction, or lack of it, with their water consumption data. With nothing on the market, we secured InnovateUK funding to design the killer App that will engage and delight customers, and, we’re doing it right here, in the Solent!

We plan to take our design into beta testing later this year and national roll-out 2025. Could you be part of this journey and shape the design by being part of the ideation team? Expenses paid and lunch provided, you’ll work with Fruitful Studios designers and researchers to find the X-factor that positively impacts the environment and provides services meaningful to people and their families.

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