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Harnessing The Power of Technology for Social Good

TechSolent is not just open to techies or people in the technical community in the region, but it is also open to anyone with an interest in the power of technology to make a difference. It might be an economic or commercial difference, it might be making a difference within an organisation or company, or it might mean having an interest in the transformative effect technology can have upon some of the societal problems which we are currently grappling with.

One that interests me considerably is how current and emerging technologies, if deployed in a joined-up fashion, could have a transformative impact upon independent, elder care. Below is a great video from my colleague, Graeme Codrington, an author and futurist, who is based in South Africa. Graeme has the same thinking as me. There is the potential, through harnessing technology, to improve the way that elder people are cared for in their own homes. This would be better for many older people, their families and the elder care services.

I would love to be able to find interested parties, who would work together on a voluntary basis to create a demonstrator unit in the Solent Region, where the future of technology based elder care could be exhibited to the public today. What would we need? A well-placed retail unit or like, which could be mocked up as a home; technology companies which are prepared to work together to create the technology-based elder care "home" in the unit on a not for immediate profit basis!; elder care providers/charities who could inject the voice of the elderly person into the project; potentially a sponsor to cover any costs, which hopefully, could be kept to a minimum; maybe a representative of the NHS, since "bed blocking" is such an issue for them; a Project Manager or two!

I am not sure if we can make this a reality, but if you are excited by the prospect and can contribute, let us know.

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Andrew Carr, Chief Commercial Officer at Karantis 360 Ltd has already expressed an interest in being involved with this. I hope others will too.

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