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Tackling the Magnificent 7!

TechSolent has a mission to connect, develop and promote the Technical Community in the Solent Region. We aspire to do this not just because we want to see a strong technical community in the region, but because we believe a strong Tech community will be key for the advancement of our society and our economy and for the sustainability of our planet.

TechSolent has then a higher social purpose. As we look at our Solent Region, we observe a number of areas of social challenge. We term these challenges, the Magnificent 7, not because they are magnificent in themselves but because of the scale of the challenge they present, both in terms of complexity and impact.

These Magnificent 7 are:

· The Environmental Challenge

· The Health and Social Care Challenge

· The Rising Inequalities Challenge

· The Lifelong and Life wide Learning Challenge

· The Sustainable Economy Challenge

· The Future of Work Challenge

· The Leadership and Ethics Challenge

Many of these challenges are actually connected and become part of the Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous and Rapidly Changing environment we find ourselves in. TechSolent fundamentally believes though that Technology, if developed and deployed properly, can be a significant part of the solution to these challenges, but that it can be a part of the problem, if it is not. TechSolent further believes that Technology is best placed to provide maximum value to society if it is developed and deployed in a collaborative and integrated way with full focus on the needs of end users and on having a positive impact on society.

We will provide fuller explanations of each of the Magnificent 7 in future blogs.

However, in the meantime, you should know that, to enable this social purpose of TechSolent we have developed a process which intends to connect “owners” of “wicked problems” within the Magnificent 7 themes with technology companies. These technology companies will be encouraged through the process to work collaboratively with others and take an “out of the box” approach to generating potential solutions, for the betterment of society. Watch this space…for more details.

If you would like to get involved with TechSolent either because you want to play an active role as part of the Technology community in the Solent Region or you want to contribute to our social purpose or, indeed both, please contact


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